How to remove oppo screen password

How to unlock oppo phone password if forgot

Hi there today I am Oppo Mobile Phone Password Fingerpin Face lock screen lock All Types of Password Lock  screen lockIf you forget what you need to do to remove those lock I will discuss here all the issues that will fix your lock problem.
Phones from other companies usually have a hard reset to remove all types of lock passwords, but hard resets to remove the password locks screen lock on your mobile phone are not possible because your phones are fully encrypted.
So here I will tell you if there is a password on the phone and if you forget that password then what are the ways to remove these passwords I will discuss all here. First of all, let me tell you what are the ways to fix the password lock of oppo phone. How to fix forgot lock screen password

The following ways I discussed below

There are a total of three ways to unlock oppo phones The phone you want to unlock can be unlocked with the email ID and password of the phone can be unlocked by signing in to Google Find My Device and erasing the data. However, I will discuss this in detail below and the number two is through flushing software. And the number three is eMMC/ufs isp pinout by easy jtag or UFi box through cMMC/ufs factory reset. Below I have discussed step by step the process of unlocking the password of Oppo phone.

1. The process of unlocking Google Find My Device through app.

Google Find My Device To remove your mobile phone password with this application you will need another mobile phone to have the Google Find My Device application installed on that phone and after installing the password of the mobile phone you want to remove the password and the email id of the phone. Must be signed in with. And then you can see below one of the three options is play sound is number two is the secure device is number 3 is in IRAs device by clicking on that number 3 option is to make the data of mobile phone in iras then mobile phone password fingerprint google account lock will be removed.
I have given below some screenshots of this process and you can do it by looking at them , oppo phone screen lock unlock without computer use this method. some mobile phone without data lost unlock this method.
first install and open google find my device
How to remove oppo screen password
second sing in email and password
oppo password unlock without computer
and after sing in erase the device
The process of unlocking oppo phones without a computer is the only way you can unlock the password screen lock of any oppo mobile phone. And now the two methods that I will discuss below will require your computer and software box

2.The process of unlocking oppo downloading tool through software

The process of unlocking the phone by flushing the software To unlock the Oppo phone you will first need a computer to connect the laptop or desktop and mobile to the computer a USB data cable to flash the mobile phone and the mobile phone’s USB driver software to flash your mobile phone. Required. After downloading and installing these software, you need to open the Flashing Tool, then login with your user ID and password, and to flash through the software, you need to import the Flash file into the Software Download Tool and connect it to your mobile computer via USB. I have given the image below the tool to flash the phone
This software download tool is oppo official. The number two method, I have shown you how to unlock the phone through flushing. This is how the unlocking is done through flushing. Now I will tell you the number three method. This number three method I discussed below

3. Oppo unlock by emmc isp pinout

I will discuss here how you can unlock OPPO phones by getting eMMC ISP PIN if your phone is not unlocked after doing the first method I used to show you how to unlock OPPO phones. This method will require any one emmc software tool to unlock oppo phones. like ufi software emmc tool, easy jtag, umt emmc tool, miracle emmc tool Any one of these tools.
Now I will tell you how you can unlock oppo phone through tools. Most of the oopo phones in the market now have eMMC storage: I will tell you how to unlock the Oppo mobile phone with eMMC.
First, you have to open the mobile phone, then you have to take out the MMC’s ISP PIN in the PCB of the mobile phone and then you have to connect the eMMC of the mobile phone with the MC hardware tool through the jumper here. You will need three points one is data0 number two is CLK number three is CMD. And MCP has to give voltage through USB
Note that while doing this, the beta must be removed from the PCB of the mobile phone. It cannot be connected to the PCB in any way.
As an example, I have given a picture below so you can understand it by looking at that picture
This method removes all the locks through this method if anyone forgets the password fingerprint face lock screen lock of all the mobiles.

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