Jio F120 insert sim way jumper Solution

Jio Lyf F120 insert sim Problem Solution

Hi, today I am going to discuss how to solve the SIM card problem of Jio f120 Phone First we will know what causes the Insert SIM problem in this mobile and above that, we will discuss how to solve it in three steps. There are many reasons for this problem, be it software or hardware. However, no matter where this problem comes from, we will discuss here how you can solve it.

LYF F120B sim not working problem Hardware Solution

To solve this problem through hardware, first, you have to open the mobile, then you have to remove the mobile motherboard and this part of the mobile motherboard has a SIM connector, clean it well with IP and get the SIM connector ready with a latitude multimeter. If you have a line machine then you can do this by looking at the image I have given.
If this problem is from the hardware and the SIM card is missing any lining, then by looking at this image you can solve the SIM insert problem of the Jio LYF f220 model through the jumper. I will now tell you how to solve this problem if it is through software

LYF F120B insert sim problem software solution

Before solving this problem through software, you have to check the IMEI number of the mobile phone with *#06#  number.
if IMEI invalid and null imei=0 then will mobile full flash and IMEI repair

How to flash jio f120b

To solve this problem with the software, you first need to download the flash file USB driver and flash tool of this mobile

And after downloading, first, you have to install the USB driver in the computer

And then you have to run the Flash tool and import the Flash file in the Flash tool and connect the mobile to the EDL total and start Star flash so that the software of the mobile will be complete. This way the flashing of this mobile can be completed

How to jio lyf f120b imei repair

If the IMEI number is deleted /invalid then I will tell you how to repair it
To repair an IMEI number, first you need to download the IMEI repair tool and run it on the computer and connect it to the computer via USB of the mobile and then type it in the original IMA number of the mobile phone in the group. This way it is possible to repair the IMEI number of the mobile phone
If there is a problem with Insert SIM or IMEI Involved Network of Geo 120 Mobile, then you can solve this problem step by step because I have solved many problems in this way. I hope you have solved your problem. I will be very happy if you have solved it.
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