LYF LS 4508 dead solution

lyf LS-4508 dead Problem

Today I will tell you how to solve the dead problem of LYF LS-4508 mobile . First let me tell you what causes this problem ,Then I will tell you how to solve it.

The first is due to a software problem, and the second is due to a hardware problem. Due to software problems, you can easily solve it by flashing the mobile. The most difficult problem is if the phone is dated due to hardware. If the phone is dead due to hardware then I have shown you how to fix it very easily with the image below. Follow the steps below

LS-4508 dead Solution

  • First open the mobile
  • Then open the motherboard of the mobile and clean it
  • Boost the battery in the mobile with a battery booster
  • Reconnect the battery with the phone and try to turn on the phone once

If your phone still doesn’t solve the problem after doing all this, then you can solve the dead problem of your phone by using the image given below.

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