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Mobile PHONE repairing schematic diagram short code full from. Schamatic diagram mobile repairing help symbol code full form

Radio Frequency (RF) signal refers to a wireless electromagnetic signal used as a form of communication, if one is discussing wireless electronics. Radio waves are a form of electromagnetic radiation with identified radio frequencies that range from 3kHz to 300 GHz.

Silicon bilateral switch (SBS) is another breakover device which is capable of triggering triacs, and it is popular in low-voltage trigger control circuits.

What is a transceiver IC?

RF Transceiver ICs are Semiconductor Devices that consist of a transmitter and a receiver in a single package. Transceivers are designed to function proficiently within an RF family or standard such as AISG, Bluetooth, ISM, VHF, Wi-Fi, cellular, RADAR, 802.15.

USB-Universal Serial Bus

ADC- Analog-to-digital converter
API- Application programming interface
ATC – Auto-trickle charger
AVS – Adaptive voltage scaling
BIF – Battery interface
CDMA – Code Division Multiple Access
DVS – Dynamic voltage scaling
ERM – Eccentric rotating machine
FT-SMPS – Fast transient SMPS
GPIO – General-purpose input/output
GSM – Global system for mobile communications
HF-SMPS – High frequency SMPS
HK – Housekeeping
ID – Identification
LDO – Low dropout (linear regulator)
Li – Lithium

LPG – Light pulse generator
LRA – Linear resonance actuator
MHL – Mobile high-definition link
MPP – Multipurpose pad
Mux – Multiplexer
NSP – Nanoscale package
OTG – On-the-go
OTP – One-time programmable
PA – Power amplifier
PBM – Pulse burst modulation
PBS – Programmable boot sequence
PCB – Printed circuit board
PDA – Personal digital assistant
PFM – Pulse frequency modulation
PLL – Phase locked loop
PM – Power management
PMI – Power management interface
PWM – Pulse width modulation
QTI – Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
RCO – RC oscillator
SCHG – Switching charger (switch-mode buck for battery charging)
SMPL – Sudden momentary power loss
SMPS – Switched-mode power supply (DC-to-DC converter)
SPMI – System power management interface
SSC SMPS – step control
SVS – Static voltage scaling
TCXO – Temperature-compensated crystal oscillator
UART – Universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter
UICC – Universal integrated circuit card
UIM – User identity module
UMTS – Universal mobile telecommunications system
USB – Universal serial bus
UVLO – Under voltage lockout
VCO – Voltage-controlled oscillator
WLNSP – Wafer-level NSP
XO – Crystal oscillator