Samsung j200g power key not working Solution

Hello friends, today I am here to talk about the 7 problems of Samsung J2 Mobile. It is often seen that the power button of Samsung j2 mobile does not work and this problem can be due to many reasons such as power outage or power supply lines are out of order or this problem is due to bad power IC. Maybe. Whatever the reason for this problem, I will discuss here in detail how you can solve this problem

Before that let me tell you what causes this problem especially if the mobile is dropped or the mobile falls into the water or many other reasons but for whatever reason you can solve it step by step I have discussed below the whole issue.

Samsung J2 power key solution

To solve this problem, you need to open the mobile-first and after opening the mobile, you need to know the motherboard of the mobile well. After cleaning, the first thing you need to do is check the power button to see if your power button is correct. If the power button is not correct, you should change the power button first. And check again. If this problem is not solved even after changing the power button, then you should check the components in the line where the power button shuffler is, because this problem may be due to the deterioration of those components.

If this doesn’t solve your problem then you need to jumper on a mobile motherboard and I will explain below how you can do that jumper.

Samsung j2 power key ways jumper

If the power button on your phone does not work even if your power is OK, then you need to remember that the problem is with the lining of the power distribution supply and the components that accompany it. Take a look because this problem is solved only after doing this jumper. It has been seen in most cases so you should try a jumper first and I will give below a picture of how you can do this couple. You can solve this problem by looking at that picture.

This is a depictive image of how to solve the problem of Samsung j2 mobile motherboard. Here are the details of your power key jumper. You can use this method if the power button of your Samsung J2 mobile does not work. This method is completely tested. I have tested it myself before and it has been successful so I am sharing it with you.