Jio F220b Ringer Problem

Jio F220b Ringer Speaker Problem

The ringer problem of this phone is due to various reasons. Here are some of the reasons why this problem occurs ,This problem is caused by the phone being submerged in water or the phone being thrown away and various liquid damages.

But no matter what the cause, I will tell you step by step how you can solve this problem.


To solve this problem you first need to open the phone and clean the mobile PCB well.

frist step make jumper 2nd resold/replace ic and 3rd replace power ic

This method can be used to solve the problem of the speaker of the phone and even after doing all this if your problem is not solved, then I have drawn a picture below, you can solve this problem by looking at the picture.


The image given here is to do the work step by step and if you do the work using this image, your problem will definitely be solved. Because this image was created after it was tested before it was drawn, so it is 100% effective

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