Jio LYF F220B Only 50% Battery charge show

Jio f220b charging problem only 50% Battery charging show

Hello friends, today I will talk about the 50%charging problem of jio phone. It is often seen that jio shows 50% charge on the phones and if a 100% battery is inserted in the mobile then it also shows 50% charge. If this is a problem with jio Phone then I will discuss in detail here how you can solve this problem and what this problem is for.

jio f220b Why 50% battery shows what is the problem?

First of all let me tell you that the 50 prcent charge of this mobile only shows where this problem comes from. This is a big problem for most jio phones at the moment. This problem is usually caused by the battery falling into the water or the supply of the battery connector being damaged or the charging connector supply being lost due to the mobile being dropped. This mobile has only fifty percent charge problem. There are many more reasons to beat this problem, two of the biggest ones.
But whatever the reason, how will you solve this problem? I will discuss step by step below. You will solve this problem exactly as I will tell you here about solving this problem.

jio f220b  50% battery shows problem solution

I will discuss in detail here how you can solve the problem of jio220b only 50% charging battery. And if you do it exactly as I tell you here, then the problem will be solved. Here I will show you in a very simple way how you can solve the problem of only 50% charging of this mobile. Here I will draw a picture. You can do this by looking at that picture. Moreover, I will tell you in detail how you will solve this problem step by step.

jio f220b only 50% battery show step by step solution

This is a hardware related problem so to solve this problem you need to open the mobile first. Then the lower part of the motherboard of the mobile where the charging connector and battery connector are located should be thoroughly cleaned. And battery reading with a digital multimeter. The three points of the battery connector are negative positive and BSI I will tell you how to test these three points here. First set the multimeter mode and ground the read probe and check the battery connector points. If there is a problem at one of the points then you have to do a jumper and you can solve this problem by looking at the image of that jumper which I have given below.
jio only 50% battery charging show

This problem can be solved in this way. I have tested it before and then I am sharing it with you. It works 100% because that’s how I solved a lot of problems. Another thing is that you will do this work exactly as I have shown you here. Thanks

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