Mi 4a USB ways pinout

Mi 4a USB pinout

Hello friends, today I am going to discuss the USB Pinout of your MI 4A mobile phone here. Many times it is seen that the computer does not take the USB connection with the mobile because it also happens when the USB connector of the phone goes bad but many times it is seen that the connector is OK but the USB is not connected so we need USB pinout.

This problem may be in many models. I currently have a mi4a phone. The problem was that it did not have a USB connection to the computer and this phone has a MI account lock password, so it needs a USB connection to the computer to solve it, but this phone was not connected to the computer. I pinned out its USB and it successfully unlocked the phone

Mi 4a USB jumper

By looking at this image you can connect with a USB cable phone and you can do many things like data transfer on the computer, such as flashing the phone, unlocking the phone with IMEI repairing it.

This is what I want to say at the end. This is a vote on mi4a phone. If the body of the phone is not connected or charged or if any of the four points of the USB connector do not work then you can solve it by jumping directly from here. I have seen it before and now I am sharing it with you