Samsung J7 after Flash Dead

Samsung J700f/dd after flash dead solution Flash File

samsung j7 orginal flash file

samsung j7 after flashing dead solve this file

Samsung J7 After Flash Dead Solution

We often have the wrong flash file when flashing the mobile phone so the mobile phone is often dead. To solve this problem we need to flush again and for flashing we need our original flash file.

The problem is solved by re-flashing the phone with the original flash file, so I will let you know where you can download the original flash file from. Before that you need to know how to flash the mobile and what is required for it I discussed that in detail below

Flashing USB Data Cable

The first thing you need to replace a mobile phone is a computer and a USB data cable that will connect the computer to the mobile. And you have to use the original USB data cable so that there is no problem while flashing as many times flashing fails while flushing and this is the special reason USB data cable.

Flashing PC

Also the flashing of the phone will require a high performance computer without any lag or any kind of problem during national flashing. PC Hardware required minimum 256gb ssd > 4gb ram. and Even better if you have a computer with better hardware

How to Flash

  • First download the flash file
  • download flash tool
  • extract file
  • Run flash tool
  • import flash file on flash tool
  • turn off the mobile
  • now press volume down key+power key
  • connect computer to mobile via usb cable
  • now press start button on flash tool
  • and wait few time

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