Datawind Tablet Dead Solution

Datawind Tablet Dead Problem Solution

Hello friends, today we will discuss the date issue of Datawind Tablet. If for some reason this tablet becomes out of date then we will discuss here how you can solve it step by step.
First you need to know what caused this problem. The dead problem of this tablet can be due to many reasons such as this problem can be caused by software or this problem can be caused by any problem in hardware. Many times it is seen that after flushing the Datawind tablets become dated. In this case you have to fix the tablet by flushing it with the original file again. If this Datawind tablet is out of date with a hardware problem, let me tell you how you can fix it.
Whatever the reason this tablet is dead I have discussed myself how you can fix it step by step


Many times with these Datawind tablets we have a virus attack while accessing the internet or even if the internal storage becomes full these tablets have a dead problem. Or many times these tablets become dead even after flushing. If there is any such problem, these Datawind tablets become dead after flushing from the software, then there is a way to fix it. If you need to flash the mobile tablet with this software then this problem will be solved if it becomes a Datawind tablet from this software.


If this data win tablet is dead due to some hardware problem then I will discuss here how you can fix it. To solve the problem with the hardware, first you need to open the tablet and check the battery inside the tablet with a multimeter to see if it is charged and if it is not charged, then charge it once and turn it on. And if the battery is charged then you have to remove the battery from the tablet first and read the tablet’s battery connector with a multimeter to see if there is any SHORT in the tablet or if there is SHORT then I have drawn the picture a little below. Can solve
If the Datawin tablet is dead due to hardware problem then you can fix your Datawin dead tablet by looking at this image. I have fixed many Datawind tablets in this way. Do this exactly as I have shown you here. The problem you have must be solved

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