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Many times mobile phones have different types of problems and we need schematic diagrams to solve those problems. We get the schematic diagrams of most of the phones from the internet, But we can’t find the schematic diagram of the LYF Jio phone on the internet and we can’t even download it.

So today I will give you the link to download the schematic diagram of JIO phone and by looking at that diagram you can solve any problem of JIO phone.

I have given the model numbers of some Jio phones that will work in this schematic diagram

lyf f220b, Lyf f90m, lyf f30c lyf f120b lyf 2403n, lyf f41t lyf 50y, schematic diagram download

Here all the sections are divided as Charging Diagram, SIM Diagram, Power Diagram, and Audio Diagram All Sections Separately.

all jio boot key

Jio mobile Boot Key
Jio F210q * & #
Jio LF2401 Power Key
Jio LF2402 Power Key
Jio LF2403 * & #
Jio LF2403 * & #
Jio F90m UP Dpad + Down Dpad (Center key )
Jio F30c UP Dpad + Down Dpad (Center key )
Jio F61f JIO Key
Jio F81e Press 5 key on phone
Jio F41t Press 1 key on phone
Jio F50y UP Dpad + Down Dpad (Center key )
Jio F101K Press 3 key on phone
Jio F120b * & #
Jio F220b * & #
Jio F221s *
Jio F211s *

TRY 2ND method

Jio MobileBoot Key
Jio F210q* & #
Jio LF2401Power Key
Jio LF2402Power Key
Jio LF2403* & #
Jio LF2403* & #
Jio F90mUP Dpad + Down Dpad (Center key )
Jio F30cUP Dpad + Down Dpad (Center key )
Jio F61fJIO Key
Jio F81ePress 5 key on the phone
Jio F41tPress 1 key on the phone
Jio F50yUP Dpad + Down Dpad (Center key )
Jio F101KPress 3 key on the phone
Jio F10QUP Dpad + Down Dpad (Center key )
Jio F120b* & #
Jio F220b* & #
Jio F221s*
Jio F271i* & #
Jio F320B*
Jio F211s*
Jio F300B*
Jio F250YUP Dpad + Down Dpad (In 4 Center Bottom)

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